“"Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end." -Unknown

Saturday, 19 April 2014

it's been a while.....

hi! so we meet again :) hm theres nothing much to brag about but yeah so many things happened for the last few months. fyi, i was so busy preparing for the next sem. and now...... i'm enjoying my sem break which is only for two weeks. haih kkaebsong ~

so far, for the first week of my sem break, i have watched in total of THREE kdramas and about SIX to SEVEN of variety shows (and yes including my favourite show, running man hehe) too many shows i've been abandoned & too many new shows too nah i dont know how to handle-

april being such my favourite month since i was born on this month, along with sehun, luhan, my little dongsaeng & oh ya my new friends too, sofia zuhairin (a.k.a my favourite co-fangirl hehehe) well, i'm already 19 and i dont like it. my teen age is going to be ended in the end of this year OH NO!! 

SO........ HI OVERDOSE ERA *waving hand*

MAMA era ends, WOLF era ends. so we are here waiting for your comeback.
Let's get overdose! 

p/s - its luhan's day today. saengil chukkha hamnida oppa! stay healthy & cute as you are right now!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Miracles in december

Hi hello! It's december already guyss!!! About 18days to go to 2014 wehh please lah terkejut sikit sebab i'm going to be sweet 19th soon like seriously, i dont wanna grow up faster (despite the fact is, i have to) *sigh

Well, theres nothing much to say, but yea its been a while since my last post. Quite busy these days, oh ya btw, saya dah masuk sem 2 dah. So a lot of assignments to-do, presentations lagi and all the subjects has becomes tougher than sem 1. So alhamdulillah, so far so good. Doakan lah ika berjaya ye sampai grad nanti dengan cgpa 3.0 above tau hehehe amin!!

Throwback @ farah's birthday. 


This is what i'm doing during my freetime (i'm sorry i cant help it!!), watching the heirs and eh btw daebakk exo for your new album, miracles in december. It was touched tbh i'm crying everytime i hear their song. Their voices suits and fits perfectly oh my thats why i love exo to the max!

K lah, thats all for this post, hope you'll enjoy reading this (i mean my craps ahah!) Bye annyeong! 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hello, it's been a while!

Hi hello! Yeayy its been a while kan since my last post so finallyyy im here so hi guys! Miss me? (hihi if i have one loyal reader lah) :p

So, im back here today, oh ya by the way, saya dah habis sem 1 tau uols! Saya sekarang sedang sem break sebulan lepas tu masuk kolej balik boleh lah feeling feeling macam senior sikit dah masuk sem 2 hehehe *gelak jahat*

Dah cuti berapa minggu baru nak tulis entry baru kan well apa nak buat since i've got many things to do sampai blog kesayangan pun dah terabai eleh ika, macam lah ada orang nak baca blog awak yang tak best ni kan?

Sebenarnya saya sendiri tak tau nak post apa untuk entry kali ni. Dan sebenarnya dah berapa lama dah post ni terbengkalai lama dalam draft ni baru sekarang rasa macam nak post hehehe. Cuti sebulan kat rumah ni lifeless sangat. Dah la tak boleh makan maggi hihi, pastu bila nak tidur ada je yang jahat pergi tutup lampu hish, lepas tu 24/7 layan kpop............... eh?

Taraaaa my oppas!! Assalamualaikum and do enjoy your happy holidays bagi kawan2 yang sedang cuti macam iols ni hihi ok lah, bye. Spread of love, XO :)